Water inspired all aspects of the design for this garden site along the eastern shore of Mecox Bay. The house is Norman Jaffe's original design with wonderful modifications by Mark Matthews. Last few photos show RainGarden added in fall 2004.
RainGarden Winter 2010-2011.
We teamed up with a distinguished group of scientist, engineers, New York City administrators, and the great folks at NYC DEP to design and install New York City's first ever street side storm water capture. This work was done as part of the ongoing pilot study in the Jamaica Bay Water shed.
Runoff from the street is diverted by curb cut and routed into this enhanced tree pit, where specially engineered soils and native plant species are used to absorb water and filter associated pollutants. In some enhanced tree pits, storage chambers hold additional runoff, available for plant uptake or groundwater recharge.
The Mecox garden is published in (click link below to view publication):
Metropolitan Home Magazine
Garden Design Magazine
Celebrated architect Faruk Yorgancioglu creates a modern shingle style residence along Sag Pond's east shore. Muse Design employed solid structural elements in the landscape design. With shape, stone, gravel and showy coastal plantings, we tie the house to it's visually dramatic setting.
Francis Fleetwood renovates/modernizes this hansome Tudor Cottage and Muse Design picks up the exterior planning and finishes. The client's wishes were for a more spacious garden with copious light and air. So it has become: refreshingly clean, open and beautiful...
The Nature Conservancy asked us for a naturalized, open meadow as a setting for their new East End headquarters. We created a garden where conservation minded homeowners can source ideas and see first hand the beautiful results of working with native plants.
DEP-MTA Spring Creek Wetland Project in progress,Brooklyn,NY.
DEP-MTA Spring Creek Wetland Project in progress.Part 2.
DEP-MTA Spring Creek Wetland Planting in progress.Part 3.
Bridgehampton, NY
Muse Design Inc. collaborated with Gaia Institute and William Young, to create the initial BMP study for the Jamaica Bay watershed. This study helped to pave the way for the multi-million dollar BMP pilot project currently underway within Jamaica Bay's watershed. BMPs are an alternative way to manage storm water and will one day help restore and protect the health of Jamaica Bay.
JBWS Study
We followed many design challenges to their conclusion and created this private garden w/ pool, tennis, flower beds and meadows. The owner requested a dinning tent. A prairie style tent sits on the wild meadow's edge. 100 year old Oaks stand guard overhead.
Muse Design Inc. provided installation services in collaboration with designer Eric Hughes on this post modern renovation in Bridgehampton, New York. The project presented several technical challenges and time constraints, all were met by our very experienced installation team on time and on budget. These photos were taken in early July 2009 just 3 months after starting project!
For the new Bayscaping Guide (2009), Group For The East End and Peconic Baykeeper asked Muse Design to contribute technical advise and images of our work. We are a leader in Bayscaping across Long Island, and the guide features several projects designed and installed by Muse Design. Bayscaping is a method of designing and installing beautiful gardens that function as a protective buffer between land use and our precious waterways.
BayScaping Brochure
Modern Woods. Muse Design teams up with Martin Architects to put together this dramatic private residence in a classic maritime forest. We moved large, old grown Eastern Red Cedars back into the building envelope to give the building a mysterious timelessness.
Our client recently acquired the property after many years of admiring the seasonal show of Rudbeckia along the roadside in front of the house. We ran that inspiration and created a 'lawn free' gem with tons of movement and grace (and oh yes...Rudbeckia!).
Progress Images: 2006 and New York City is well on its way to having its first bio-filtration wetland since Columbus sailed the ocean blue. A 'first' in Manhattan doesn't come along often, so I jumped at the opportunity to join the county's most progressive urban stormwater design team to engineer and install this elegant system.
Return to the site El Jardin in June 2007 revealed a fabulously successful project with the El Jardin storm-water infiltration wetland flourishing. Trees and shrubs not present in the East Village since colonial times were flourishing ... just fantastic!
A magnificent Sagaponack residence. Barnes & Coy Architects hit the ball over the fence with house and Muse Design creates the setting. Inspirational architecture begs for a landscape with little complications. I say easy does it, just give me bold lines and beautiful shapes. What a great look.
Mark Matthews designed modern two story in native Oak and Pitch Pine forest. The installation of a new garage initiated a renovation of driveway and approach landscaping using local materials and native plants.
Our key role was to develop gardens harmonious with the site’s expansive natural setting. Balancing the bold western sky and sweeping pond views with needs for warmth and privacy. The site's environmentally sensitive nature remained a principle consideration.
74.5 square miles of largely undeveloped Long Island Pine Barrens form the Peconic River Watershed. Brookhaven National Lab sits in the heart of this globally rare ecosystem. Past activities at the lab have contaminated sediments in the River. In the spring of '04 I joined the huge restoration effort.
Hugh Hardy’s modern classic from the ‘weekend utopia’ period of Hampton architecture. This meticulous renovation of house and garden took two years and truck loads of the owner’s patience. And the finished product? Truly a living work of art!
The prestigious Italian magazine INTERNI take a close look at our colorful 60's revival. Interni Mag Article
We designed and supervised one acre of gardens surrounding a beautiful Barnes & Coy village residence. The gardens show neoclassical influence in a private, peaceful setting.
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The addition of a new storage barn and a his/hers studio building required the design and installation of two new garden rooms on this beautiful property in Bridgehampton, NY.
Design in progress. Sims Hugo Nue, the world’s largest recycler, chooses our team to design stormwater collection and treatment for their 7 acre transfer site on the Bronx River.
Tennis court in the country.

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