Design Philosophy (updated 01/01/15)

We are approaching new projects with a thoughtful exploration of the site and a meaningful conversation with the client.†† Inspiration is found in the site's unique context;historical, cultural, ecological and philosophical. The client and context bring man-made and natural elements into integration perfectly. Muse Design Inc. offers residential and business landowners inspired development, planning, and landscape design.

From Thomas Muse: It was thirty years ago when I started landscaping. Designing and building large landscapes came quickly. I felt like I could see everything in front of me as I walked a property. I was just wired like that.Iím a very lucky man because I have a wonderful outlet for my deep appreciation and passion for ecology and art.

The philosophy behind my work is as important as the work itself. Human's interdependent relationship with nature is a fascination of mine. And so is art work. The truth about the human condition expressed in the art work, and architecture. The same truth found in the contrast between modern and indigenous.

Manís profound preoccupation with natureís many mysteries is a universal phenomenon in human history.

(oh I sound so important. you can quote me on that ha!)

Now change and innovation move so quickly and we see a steady split in modern society one away from the wonders of the natural world and one clawing back to it. The 'green' shift is a move towards reverence of nature. More and more people are realizing that a productive and healthy society must constantly support and create new ways to keep their environment, their food healthy and nature relevant.

There is no digital equal to the feeling you get awakening to a clear blue sky or watching a full moon shimmer over the summer ocean. We are human! And we are always drawn to natural spaces for their peaceful beautiful. We eagerly (knowingly or not) internalize their balance and harmony.

That's why we landscape.

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